‘A Desert’ exhibition at Wilton Way Cafe

Here are a few selected images and a paragraph from my exhibition ‘A Desert’ at Wilton Way Cafe in Dalston. All works are for sale. The exhibition is on til the end of May. Please email if you are interested in any work or would like a price list.

‘A Desert’, like much of his recent work asks what animals and landscapes might look like before the End, in the pre-apocalypse. Based on sketchy science and imagination, the artist suspects the world will be filled with eternal sunsets, bleached animals, moist fungi and dry cacti. The world will be steamy from a thousand eternally erupting volcanoes spewing lava from the cracked tectonic crust. As we observe the ends of species, we will mourn the last Badger, Fox or Snake. The world will not be a grey and dead place, but a beautifully colourful tropical desert beach-jungle.

Torrid-rattlesnake‘Torrid Rattlesnake’- ink and watercolour on paper

The-last-homestead‘The Last Homestead’ – ink and watercolour on paper

Arid-Jackrabbit‘Arid Jackrabbit’ – Silkscreen print on paper

A Journey‘A Journey’ – ink and watercolour on paper

A Journey-detail‘A Journey’ (datail)

Torrid-chipmonk‘Torrid Chipmonk’ – ink and watercolour on paper

Human-remains-l‘Human Remains I’ – ink and watercolour on paper

Human-remains-ll‘Human remains II’ – ink and watercolour on paper

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Desert work

This is a recent painting I made for an up and coming exhibition, with a theme of ‘The Desert’. Ink and watercolour on paper.


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This is a new ink and watercolour piece which is just too tall for my website.

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“Hair Loss” print also now for sale.

This is the second print I made in November, it’s called Hair Loss. It is thematically linked to the tattoo prints I made in the Summer, dealing with narcissism and body image. And it isn’t really a subject that’s addressed in the world of printmaking! It is 2 colours, digitally scanned from an original drawing. Printed on 300gsm Colourset Natural paper, measuring 35cm x 50cm. It is priced at just £35. Email me if you like it.

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New Print for Sale! “The Last Snake”

I made a new screen print in November (I made 2 actually, I’ll post the other one soon). Continuing my themes of environmental evolution and decay, I present The Last Snake.
It is a 2 colour print, made with hand drawn stencils (indian ink on Trugrain film), and printed on 300gsm Colourset Natural paper. It is an edition of 20. It measures 50cm x 70cm, and will cost a mere £50. Use the email address on the right if you are interested in purchasing one, and in the mean time I will try and put it on my webshop.

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Xmas painting commission

The nice people at Radio commissioned me to paint 3 large xmas themed paintings to hang in their salon for the seasonal period. Given free artistic rein, I decided to avoid the usual and tired old imagery of this time of year (snow men, Santa, robins, angels etc). I concentrated on the season of winter, and invented 3 Winter Spirits that are supposed to protect us from the cold. The first is the giant Frost Fox looking out for the skater, the second is cave dwelling Winter Spirit who sends white animals to collect unpleasant Christmas trinkets and the third is the the Winter Woodsman, shooing away the crows of Doom. They will be up until the New Year, so if you are on Redchurch Street, feel free to go in and see them!

140cm x 160cm

140cm x 180cm

140cm x 200cm

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I Love Autumn


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PUCK collective ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’ tattoos

Last week the 71a gallery in, yes, Shoreditch, screened The Place Beyond The Pines, the rather good film starring dreamboat Ryan Gosling in assosciation with the film review people Little White Lies. The organisers approached the PUCK collective to draw some temporary tattoos, like Ryan’s, to apply to the movie fans on the night. I got to design a Police Badge, showing wall of death bikers and a pine tree. You can see the other 7 designs here.


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“Radio” Hair commission paintings

After last week’s exhibition opening (thanks to all for coming!), here are some images of the paintings. The three paintings measure between 1.5m square and 1.5m x 2m, that’s three different sizes, and are painted in acrylic on rather luxurious Italian linen.
A description of what the paintings are about can be found here on the Radio website.
I have several smaller paintings, drawings and a print on show too.
They will be on show for three months, so please drop in and have a look/haircut if you are in Shoreditch.
Indebted to Charlotte Fiell and her amazing book “Hairstyles, ancient to present”,Fiell Publishing Ltd.




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Exhibition on Redchurch Street August 2013

I am pleased to announce an exhibition of 3 new large-scale paintings at the Radio Salon and Gallery. There will be an opening on Tuesday August 13th, at 7pm. The hirsute Wildemen SNAPPED ANKLES will be performing a live set on the night, plus screen prints and original paintings and drawings of mine will be on sale. And a wee glass of wine or something similar will be on offer. Do come!


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